Before purchasing a paint by numbers kit, it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure a satisfactory experience. Just like when buying a book, where you check the index, author, summary, price, and publisher to ensure its value, there are certain things to keep in mind when selecting a paint by numbers kit. Let's explore the key aspects that warrant attention before making your purchase.

Price Consideration:

While paint by numbers for adults offers therapeutic benefits by relieving stress and providing a creative outlet, the cost of the kit should not become an additional source of stress. It is always necessary to make sure that you are getting the kit from an authentic source. Also, you need to always check whether the kit you are purchasing is the best fit for the money you are spending.

Delivery and Packaging:

When opting for a paint by numbers kit, particularly in , it is vital to assess the delivery and packaging terms of the store. Some external sources may have subpar delivery practices, resulting in delayed shipments or damaged packaging. To avoid such issues, select a source that prioritizes on-time delivery within 5-7 business days and ensures secure packaging to protect the products.

Tool Quality:

Whether purchasing online or offline, it is always prudent to evaluate the quality of the tools provided in the kit. Advertisements may display appealing product photos, but the actual product received might differ significantly. Seek recommendations from local artists or family members, read customer reviews, and consider feedback to make an informed decision about the quality of the paint by numbers kit.

Reliable Services:

Do not overlook the importance of the reliable services offered by the store. It can be challenging to resolve issues if the store owner is located in a different country, leading to order discrepancies such as receiving more or fewer items than ordered or even no delivery at all. Thoroughly review the services, especially regarding product delivery, before placing an order to ensure a safe and satisfactory purchasing experience.

Different Themes:

When browsing for paint by numbers kits, consider your specific requirements. Always make sure of the place where you are going to place it, as this plays a crucial role in making the decision. Instead of being solely swayed by alluring themes, choose a theme that aligns with your painting plan and suits your individual needs, similar to selecting items for your fashion wardrobe collection.

Canvas Shape and Size:

Paint by numbers kits  typically offer highly adaptable canvas sizes, such as 40 x 50 cm. However, sizes may vary across different stores. Additionally, there are various canvas shapes, including landscape, panoramic, large format, and multi-panel designs. It is advisable to choose a supplier known for delivering genuine and authentic home decor items that add elegance to your space.

Frame Bars:

When purchasing a paint by numbers kit, carefully review the offers to determine whether they include a stretcher bar or frame. For home decor purposes, a beautifully crafted and adjustable frame can enhance the vibrancy of the artwork. You can opt for a DIY approach or rely on professionals to create the frame. Note that there are limited sources for long-format or multi-panel paint by numbers kits, such as Paint with Numbers. Pay attention to the details provided in the offers while selecting your kit.

It is recommended to trust your instincts and consider yourself an art enthusiast rather than a beginner or expert when purchasing a paint by numbers kit. Ensure the kit includes all essential accessories and verify the quality through various reviews and feedback. When selecting a supplier, explore their new products to discover their extensive collection.


Now that we have discussed the considerations before purchasing a paint by numbers kit, let's delve into how this fascinating craft kit operates. Each kit typically includes a sample canvas, a coded canvas sheet, pre-numbered acrylic colors, and three different-sized paintbrushes. The type of paint by numbers kit you choose will depend on your painting plan.

Additionally, you can opt for a custom paint by numbers kit that features a canvas design based on your favorite portrait and includes all the necessary tools for crafting the artwork. Custom kits offer an excellent opportunity to unleash your artistic passion while painting your preferred picture. These kits are available at affordable prices, and you can find enticing deals at Paint with Numbers.

Final Words

Paint by numbers  is an enchanting art form that involves painting pre-coded colors on a numbered canvas sheet. When selecting paint by numbers kits for adults or children, it is essential to consider the aforementioned points. While choosing this for children, try giving them different options by providing vivid colors, crayons, paint, and many other things depending on their interests.

Please note that the information provided here aims to raise awareness about important aspects to consider when ordering paint by numbers kits and is not intended to defame any specific store or source. Remember to select a paint by numbers kit from a reliable source in  like Paint with Numbers to ensure a satisfying purchase experience.